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Program Overview

Our Kindergarten program creates enriching educational and social opportunities for our children to succeed, and meets all core standards set forth by the state of Illinois. Our curriculum includes a dynamic interaction of language arts, mathematics, science, social science, physical development and health, fine arts, foreign languages, as well as social/emotional development activities. The Kindergarten program is designed to support the development of the whole child regardless of background and experience, recognizing that the interconnectedness of emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development and learning supports the growth of open-minded, curious, and happy individuals. Curricula is designed to support children regardless of their rate of growth or development of skills and competencies.

Our early childhood environment provides opportunities for children to construct their understanding of their world around them by engaging in child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities, playing and interacting with fellow students and teachers to promote and optimize learning. Program staff members work with families to ensure that children are provided optimal learning experiences. Children learn skills for regulation, problem solving, generosity, empathy, and inclusivity. 

"I am still learning."

- Michelangelo | Artist

Program Highlights

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All subjects are taught as cohesive units, with each unit ending in a guided assessment of every child’s grasp of concepts.  This allows teachers to address and adjust to meet future needs for both the entire class, and the individual child. Units evolve every quarter, and are designed to build on the successful learning of the prior quarter.

Additionally, children engage in differentiated learning to address specific needs and learning styles of the child.  Instruction may be given in whole groups, small groups, partner work, independent learning, or 1:1 instruction modes. Every module is designed to support the needs of the current group.


Students work toward becoming diverse and effective communicators through written language skills including technical aspects of writing such as penmanship.  They begin the year by continuing their journal writing skills from Pre-Kindergarten, and moving into different writing productions such as letters, recipes, and diaries. Different writing styles such as mysteries, persuasive arguments, and poems are explored.


Our Kindergarten classroom provides children resources to expand their reading abilities and foster an appreciation for literature. Students explore the different components of reading such as new words, punctuation, and work on reading context clues such as pictures and symbols. Our program encourages purposeful talk about books and stories, meaningful literacy tasks and aims to capture children’s curiosity with “a good story” to ultimately produce competent readers.


Teachers capitalize on children’s current strengths in phonemic awareness, and then expand to the next level. Strategies include exploring letter sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words in order to work on blending. We then explore concepts such as digraphs (sh) and diphthongs (ae) as well as prefixes and suffixes.  We strive to make reading an enjoyable process, and tailor all content to best fit your child’s specific level to build their confidence.


From counting, to addition and subtraction; from learning to count by 2s, 5s and 10s, to telling time and counting money, we use your child’s real-life experiences to show how math is applied in everyday life.  Students explore 2D and 3D shapes, measurements, and graphing as they hone their mathematical abilities.


Engaging and fun kindergarten STEM activities (science, technology, engineering, and math) include making predictions and analyzing outcomes on a variety of scientific topics such as weather, animal habitats, space, forces of motion, and plant life cycles.  Your child will dive into these topics in hands-on explorations as they generate why questions and then test out their hypotheses.

Our program also recognizes the role that technology plays in today’s world.  The Kindergarten classroom has multiple computers that students will use during designated times to engage in literacy and other educational purposes.

Social Studies

Students discuss geography, discover the history and present day traditions of holidays around the world, and expound on diversity and advocacy during culture history months. Social studies lessons are created around events happening in your child’s life as well as in the greater society in order to ensure children are aware of traditions, history, and everyday life as it transpires.


We value creative expression in our Kindergarten classroom.  Students are introduced to different artists and art styles and given the opportunity to create their own works of art.  They are also introduced to many performing arts such as drama and music to further promote creativity in the classroom and in their lives. Art promotes the development of fine motor skills, cognitive development (such as cause and effect), math skills (understanding concepts such as size, shape, making comparisons, counting and spatial reasoning)and language skills (describing and sharing their artwork).

Foreign Language

Knowing a second language becomes increasingly relevant each year, especially in our richly diverse country.  Learning a foreign language strengthens overall learning aptitudes, and can be helpful in reinforcing literacy skills by comparing and contrasting two or more languages together. For these reasons, we provide instruction in Spanish to all of our students.  To learn more about this, you can visit our Enrichment Programs page.


Students have the opportunity each day for unstructured outdoor play as well as structured gym time.  During structured gym time, students participate in lessons designed to engage the whole body and mind.  These lessons involve physical activities such as dance, stretching, yoga, and team sports, which seek to not only promote a healthy physical body, but also to foster strategy and teamwork in students.


Proper nutrition is key to healthy growth and development in all areas. Building strong bodies and minds and stimulating mental awareness is our daily focus. We serve organic, whole, nutritional foods prepared and delivered by our organic catering company, Gourmet Gorilla™.

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