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Early childhood education is so much more than children learning academic concepts. It’s about developing the whole child. That’s why, at Newport Children’s academy, we strive to meet all of the needs of each and every child in our care: mind, body, and soul. We foster their intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and physical health through our integrated approach. We also offer a variety of enrichment programs, which helps students develop their personalities and build confidence. Our enrichment programs cycle throughout the year with some offered by current staff members and others offered by outside professionals. Listed below are some examples of what we offer. Please reach out with any suggestions for additional programming.

"Promise me that you will always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

- Christopher Robin | from Winnie-the-Pooh

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Our dedicated, in-house Spanish instructor provides daily lessons to classrooms, which build on each other.  Topics are tailored to each classroom and include basics such as greetings, colors, and counting, as well as relevant vocabulary such as winter clothing, family member titles, and more!  Each lesson will progress at the students’ pace and follow their lead on what they feel is important to learn so that we can continue to fully enrich and engage them and their interests.


Early childhood is all about making connections between things, adapting mental schemas, and comparing and contrasting similarities and differences so as to gain a deeper understanding about themselves and the world.  STEM activities help accomplish these goals and strengthen children’s logic and intelligence accordingly.  We strive to expose our children to many STEM experiences, which we tailor to match each week’s theme.


Music activates different regions of the brain and can help stimulate children’s minds in impactful ways.  We recognize the vital role music plays in children’s learning and development and implement music into our daily routine.  We find new and exciting opportunities and ways that we can incorporate music as well as see the value in children learning to create their own music.

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