Classroom registration is now open!



The First Day

On your child’s first day at Newport Children’s Academy, the forms in the Registration Packet and the Parent Handbook must be completed in their entirety and turned in to the Director.

All the following application forms are found in the Registration Packet and must be submitted to complete enrollment.

  1. Health Examination form
  2. Emergency Information form
  3. Child Registration form
  4. Medical Consent form
  5. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate & document signed by parent & director

All the following permission forms are found in the Parent Handbook and must be signed and submitted to complete enrollment.

  1. Discipline/Guidance
  2. Late Departures
  3. Parent Agreement
  4. DCFS Verification of Receipt
  5. Pesticide Application/Pest Control

In addition, children ages fifteen months to five years should bring a Ziploc® gallon-size storage bag containing a change of clothes (seasonal), including shirts, socks, underwear, and pants, all labeled with the child’s name.

Communication between parents and our staff is made simple with the Tadpoles application. All private parent updates and daily progress reports will be made available to our parents via Tadpoles, streamlining most communication for both parents and staff. Visit the Tadpoles link to learn more about all of the wonderful features Tadpoles offers.

Learn more here.

To download Tadpoles App, click here.




Dignity and the rights of individuals



Teaching trust and respect by example



Creating an enjoyable, nurturing, and safe environment that kids look forward to spending time in