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Program Overview

From the ages of two to seven years, children represent their worlds with words, images, and drawings. They form stable concepts and begin to reason.

Our terrific twos are always looking for new ways to explore their environment. Our learning program is designed to keep your child’s interest and natural curiosity for positive learning moving forward. Two-year-olds traditionally love to make friends, dance, sing, laugh, and have fun. We build these activities into curriculum.

Our two-year-old classroom is separated for optimum learning, which includes reading readiness, phonemic awareness, learning numbers, and recognition of colors and shapes. Listening to stories, singing songs, developing language skills, and enhancing vocabulary are all part of the preparation for continual progress in learning and communicating.

"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child."

- Dr. Seuss | Author, Illustrator

Program Highlights

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At this stage, children begin building their vocabulary base and are introduced to Spanish. Learning a second language early has been shown to result in a greater capacity to learn additional languages later, and also strengthens cognitive skills in general. Emphasis is placed on deeper exploration of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and language skills.


Our two-year-olds are read to daily. We present stories with puppetry, big pictures, and other media that visually stimulate your child’s interest.

Studies show that children exposed early to the structure and processes of language gain social and educational advantages. Reading to toddlers creates a strong foundation for eventual independent reading. Most issues with reading can be prevented by early exposure to language.

“Emergent literacy skills” include:

  • Having a large vocabulary and understanding how to use words
  • Phonemic Awareness: Understanding that words are made up of smaller sounds
  • Comprehending that “symbols on a page” represent letters and words
  • Learning the alphabet


Two-year-olds naturally sing independently of social cues. Children rhythmically tap their feet and hands or “bang drums,” singing to themselves or with parents.

Musical education inspires learning in general and offers lifelong benefits.

Music creates “a rich sensory environment,” which basically means exposure to different sensory experiences like sound, color, taste palettes, smells, and textures. Studies suggest that this exposure stimulates the growth of pathways between the cells in a child’s quickly developing brain. Developing these neural connections early helps children with reading and math skills later in their schooling.

Simply listening to music offers benefits, but children gain the most results when they actively participate in class, so our teachers try to make activities fun and active to retain a two-year-old’s attention. Traditionally, students love music time.


Our art curriculum includes painting, coloring, drawing, arts and crafts, sewing, and more. Art at this stage represents the expression of each child’s natural ability to view a place, person, or object according to his/her own perception. Creating art stimulates the brain pathways, and early exposure helps to develop the full potential of a child’s mind.

Nature Walks

Early contact with nature is important to a child’s development for many reasons. Spending time outdoors and exercising in natural settings helps children’s concentration and self-discipline and develops strong bodies and coordination. Creative play in nature also supports the development of language and social interaction skills. Reasoning and observation are also practiced, and stress is alleviated. Wonder is an important motivator for lifelong learning, and contact with nature develops a child’s sense of wonder and imagination. We strive to inspire children to love and respect nature by providing opportunities for activities and creative play outdoors.


Toilet time begins at around age two, and Newport has a unique program that our twos work on daily. Parents are welcome to follow the same procedure at home. Most importantly, this activity is a pleasant and positive experience.


Proper nutrition is key in our children’s growth. Building strong bodies and minds and stimulating mental awareness is our daily focus. We serve organic, whole foods. All meals provided by Gourmet Gorilla™ are home-cooked, nutritious, and delicious. Teaching children proper nutritional food habits is key to their overall health and growth.

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