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Program Overview

During the toddler period, important emotional and social developments emerge. Self-awareness begins to crystallize, toddlers become much more mobile, and motor skills are honed. By thirteen to eighteen months, toddlers can more actively play with toys and even climb stairs. By eighteen to twenty-four months, toddlers can walk quickly, balance on their feet, walk backward, and stand and kick a ball. Toddlers also begin to learn socialization, the process by which children begin to learn the rules, standards, and values of society.

The Toddlers Care Program at Newport Children’s Academy is designed to support various stages of development; emotional, intellectual, social, and physical. Toddlers gain a new perspective on their worlds and are challenged intellectually (visual perception and gross motor skills). It’s a whole new world for them!

"Little by little, one travels far."

- J.R.R. Tolkien | Author

Program Highlights

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Four important areas of learning are presented daily in our learning programs: the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. Focusing on these areas increases your toddler’s knowledge, creates awareness, and stimulates the brain. All of these factors help children to learn, grow, and change, always according to their own respective abilities. Sign language is a skill we also teach and use frequently with our toddlers, as it makes it easier for them to communicate.


Our toddlers are read to daily. We present stories with puppetry, big pictures, and other media that stimulate your toddler’s interest and attention. It’s statistically proven that children who are exposed to reading and literature often become avid readers and stronger students over the course of their schooling and education. Newport works diligently to foster these skill sets early.


Studies show that children who learn to play an instrument or take part in music classes improve their ability to work puzzles, problem solve, and express themselves. A child’s brain has much plasticity; musical training creates new pathways in the brain and also brings great joy to our classrooms. Our program is very music-oriented; we spend a great deal of time singing, laughing, and playing musical instruments during class time.


Exercising stimulates the mind, body, and core muscles. It strengthens bones, creates energy, and promotes mental awareness. This cognitively creates a desire to learn and an excitement when developing communication skills.

Motor Development

The more that toddlers practice certain movements and activities, the more children develop fine and gross motor skills. Practice and exposure are keys to developing motor skills such as stacking blocks, climbing, standing on tiptoe, jumping, and catching large balls.

We practice motor skills daily to strengthen muscles and keep our children’s minds active.


Nutrition is key in a child’s growth and progress. Our aim is to build strong bodies and minds and stimulate mental awareness. We introduce whole, organic, and highly nutritional foods daily, including protein (meat), vegetables (raw and cooked), fruits (a variety), grains (breads, pasta, and rice), and dairy (milk/milk products). All meals served by our organic caterer Gourmet Gorilla are nutritious and delicious. We also teach our toddlers proper nutritional food habits and behavior, which is of great importance to their health, growth, and interactions.

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