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Program Overview

Three-year-olds love to learn by exploring. They utilize all five senses and begin to think creatively and solve problems with logic.

Every aspect of our three-year-old classroom is designed to enhance and develop the natural learning ability of your child, which at this stage involves more focus on tasks and the ability to ignore distractions. We begin our school year by reviewing letters, numbers, shapes, colors, literacy, and letter-tracing, and we begin to introduce more creative and methodical approaches to problem-solving.

Phonemic awareness and writing skills also begin to develop more quickly at the stage. Children begin to understand that each letter has its own sound, and that those sounds blend to form words, a foundation for reading readiness. We also work on math skills, such as number recognition, number sequencing, number patterns, and simple addition and subtraction. Attention is paid to the development of both logical and artistic skills, with the ultimate goal of creating a strong balance between the two.

Our preschool learning program is designed to meet the total needs of your child intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally. Learning includes listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Around age three, children begin to enjoy initiating conversations, and love to talk about their interests and tell stories. As their world expands, so do their imaginations, and we strive to create an open environment where children feel safe and inspired to communicate. True friendships begin to form among children, and typically when conflicts occur, three-year-olds will seek out adult assistance. They begin to understand what causes different feelings and, for example, that a hug can help another child who is upset. This is an important time to begin to build stress relief skills through activities like quiet time and exercising outdoors.

"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can."

- Watty Piper | The Little Engine That Could

Program Highlights

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At this stage, our curriculum supports more advanced learning of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. Science and math are also introduced and explored through problem solving games and various creative activities that utilize numbers, counting, and simple science experiments.


While children at this age are not normally ready to write full sentences, our curriculum offers different approaches to preparing children’s hands and eyes for writing. Children practice proper writing posture and learn capital and lowercase letter recognition. They learn to write their proper full names using capital and lowercase letters and to recognize that a name begins with a capital letter.


While most children do not begin to actually read until they are six years old, early exposure is critical to developing stronger future reading skills. We read to our children daily and create a positive environment for story time that sometimes also includes music, puppetry, and creative visual aids. We begin to classify genres at this stage, making distinctions between songbooks, fiction, and nonfiction.


Children begin to recognize, name, and sing along with their favorite songs. We begin introducing rhythm games like “Keeping Time” and memory games like “What Comes After G?” to associate music with learning and enjoyment.


We continue to explore children’s worlds by using different aspects of art such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and fun with crafts.

Nurturing creativity early fosters continued development in later years. At this stage, children can pick up writing utensils, understand that words and drawings represent actual items, and begin to create representations of their worlds through drawing and painting. Art lessons help to build fine motor and critical thinking skills.

Nature Walks

We want our children to love and respect the outdoors, and spending time in nature is critical to our curriculum for our three-year-olds. Our world is continuing to evolve technologically at great speed, and we want to make sure our children understand the value of nature and how important it is to disconnect from television or electronics and instead connect with the outdoors.


Proper nutrition is key to healthy growth and development in all areas. Building strong bodies and minds and stimulating mental awareness is our daily focus. We serve organic, whole, nutritional foods prepared and delivered by our organic catering company, Gourmet Gorilla™.

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